Hey there, I’m Bec Gange.

I’m a professional wakeboarder and reality TV star, traveling the world for competitions and events .


Being born and bred on the Murray River at Mildura, water sports are part of Bec Gange’s DNA - First it was swimming, then from age 11, it was skiing behind the family boat “Redback”.

But since she first tasted wakeboarding in her early teens, Bec has been on the dream of being the best female wakeboarder in the world.

With two world titles under her belt, numerous Female Trick of the year, World Cup wins, Best Female Rider of the year and two knee surgeries, Bec has been through it all. Bec has also starred in the reality TV show, Instant Hotel with her brother Tristan.


“It’s always going to be a tough journey, but I think if it’s not tough and you’re not feeling under pressure, then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.”.


Bec loves to travel the world and grow the sport of wakeboarding. She hopes to push anyone into going for the dreams and goals, whatever they may be. Let it take you on your own journey.


Much love,